An Introduction, an Anthology of Images

– Welcome to my little room!! Sejam bem-vindos!! –

“True reflection presents me to myself not as idle and inaccessible subjectivity, but as identical with my presence in the world and to others, as I am now realizing it: I am all that I see, I am an inter-subjective field, not despite my body and historical situation, but, on the contrary, by being this body and this situation, and though them, all the rest.”

(Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception)

“Belief in inspiration. – Artists have an interest in the existence of a belief in the sudden occurrence of ideas, in so-called inspirations; as though the idea of a work of art, a poem, the basic proposition of a philosophy flashed down from heaven like a ray of divine grace. In reality, the imagination of a good artist or thinker is productive continually, of good, mediocre and bad things, but his power of judgement, sharpened and practiced to the highest degree, rejects, selects, knots together; as we can now see from Beethoven’s notebooks how the most glorious melodies were put together gradually and as it were culled out of many beginnings. He who selects less rigorously and likes to give himself up to his imitative memory can, under the right circumstances, become a greater improviser; but artistic improvisation is something very inferior in relation to the serious and carefully fashioned artistic idea. All great artists have been great workers, inexhaustible not only in invention but also in rejecting, sifting, transforming, ordering.”

 (Nietzsche’s Human, All Too Human)

Beyond you


“I cannot express it; but surely you and everybody have a notion that there is or should be an existence of yours beyond you. What were the use of my creation, if I were entirely contained here?”

(Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights)

 The room


To see IV


 Dance, dance…


 The light VI

IMG_5315retqREDUXThat place



DSCF7082retq REDUX


IMG_2474crop retq2REDUX

Shadow VIII


Shadow VI

IMG_2078retq REDUX

“What do you plan to do with all your stories?”

what do Kari Jeppesen

By living

by living, Photo: Kari Jeppesen

 A feeling

A feeling, photo: Kari Jeppesen

Be still

Be still III, Photo: Kari Jeppesen

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

(Ansel Adams)

Trago em mim / I have it in me

trago em mim, photo: Kari Jeppesen


 Lazy and feline


There are days when the music in my head stops

IMG_7391retq cmREDUX


Blue dance


Imaginary Photobooth II

Imaginary Photobooth II, Photo: Kari Jeppesen

 “The true fight against oneself is against one’s heaviness, one’s gravity.”

(Susan Sontag, writing on Bresson)


 16 weeks and 3 days (II)

combinado madonna16 2REDUX

22 weeks and 1 day (II)


36 weeks (II)


To belong – Me and Alice


60 thoughts on “Blog

      • Yep, it’s a nice piece – funny that it’d just come up at random on iTunes just a short while before I came across the lyrics quoted on your page – a nice bit of syncronicity, I like it when that happens! G

    • Yes… well it sort of makes sense, for a while – as you say, and the pieces of the puzzle start to come together… but then that in turn seems to open up even more questions and thoughts about just when and why those sort of coincidences happen! Greg

  1. Your images are riveting-I think my favorites are Fogo and Books–but all are wonderful-I will be back-
    And thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for liking “For Today”-I appreciate it.


    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  3. Bom dia!!!
    Venho por este meio informar que ontem na ESLC, estive presente na sessão do seu trabalho e fiquei curioso pela qualidade das suas fotografias por isso vim aqui deixar o meu depoimento e também o meu blogue onde se encontram algumas das brincadeiras que produzo.

    Com os meus cumprimentos,
    Tiago Campos (aluno do curso de multimédia da ESLC da turma: 10º P3)

  4. There are so many strong images and self portraits! My thoughts goes to Cindy Sherman, perhaps you’ve heard of her? But you’re work is more personal, more down to feelings and temperament – than Shermans. Really good!

    • Thank you so, so much for your comment, Terje!!
      Yes, I know her work…but she uses lots of props and things around her (and of course her work is just wonderful and precious…) but I believe in my true mask, my face!! (…smiling…)
      …and welcome to my little room…

  5. Compliments your works are really interesting.
    It just feels a close relationship between the body and the camera, the strength of the artistic gesture, the courage to expose yourself in your work.
    bye Vanni

  6. I was only able to get through half of this page..fascinating use of portrait/self portraits and just had to let you know I am starting to dig around this place. So Escited to see your work.

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