The womb

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“Woman’s role in creation should be parallel to her role in life. I don’t mean the good earth. I mean the bad earth too, the demon, the instincts, the storms of nature. Tragedies, conflicts, mysteries are personal. (…)
Woman must not fabricate. She must descend into the real womb and expose its secrets and its labyrinths. (…) gentleness, tranquility and mystery. She must describe the voracious moods, the desires, the worlds contained in each cell of it. For the womb has dreams. It is not as simple as the good earth. (…) But woman is not nature only. She is the mermaid with her fish-tail dipped in the unconscious.”

(Anaïs Nin, Diaries)

4 thoughts on “The womb

  1. Kari, my friend, wonderful – and quite courageous too – post! Although I don’t always understand it all, I love the depth and imagination of your blog >>> and recall you quoting from Anaïs Nin many times before. I look forward to many more of your posts. Adrian 🙂

    • Adrian – your words are so kind and generous. Thank you so very much!! (…the big smile…)
      …oh, yes Anaïs Nin, as always been a very important writer for me in many ways… I always return to her work…

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