Night Lights (or the Angels of Ashes)

combine night lightsREDUX

“The Angels of Ashes
Will give back your passions
Again and again
Their light shafts
Will reach through the darkness
And touch you my friend
They’ll fly in a mind dance
And blind you with wings
Wrapped in flame


In the unbroken darkness
Where emptiness empties
There’s no starting or stopping
Where there is no right or
No wrong
Well that’s all right for some
Who can hang the absurd
On their wall
If your blind hands can’t grope
Through these measureless waters
You’ll fall
You’ve been following patterns
And fleeting sensations
Too long”…

(Scott Walker, The Angels of Ashes)

-To J.H.B.-

– Seven years have past by, since I post for the first time, and it has been a blissful experience that I have shared with many of you, loyal viewers.
I would like to say – Thank you so much, all of you, for still being there, for your support and for all the kind words you left here! (…smiling…) –

6 thoughts on “Night Lights (or the Angels of Ashes)

  1. Haha! >>> you’re smiling again >>> and not for the first time!!! It is a great pleasure to follow your blog, Kari, both in terms of the words and the images – enthralling! A 🙂

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