1 day of beauty – a double portrait

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…” the day gravity sucked me out of the mother-ship. My mother had been in labour for eight hours, legs apart in the air, like she was skiing through time. I had been drifting through the unmarked months, turning slowly in my weightless world. I was the light that woke me; light very different to the soft silver and night-red I knew. The light called me out – I remember it as a cry, though you will say that was mine, and perhaps it was, because a baby knows no separation between itself and life. The light was life. And what light is to plants and rivers and animals and seasons and the turning earth, the light was to me…”

(Jeanette Winterson, Lighthousekeeping)

– For Alice and Fernando –

 Thank you, r.t.j.m.


37 thoughts on “1 day of beauty – a double portrait

  1. OH!!!! Congratulations from germany!! How wonderful!!!
    It’s a very special moment to hold your own newborn baby into your arms!!
    Good luck!!

  2. Kari…as you know…there are simply no words to convey the elation, the joy, the feelings, the emotions, of bringing life into life….simply the very warmest

  3. Oh, how beautiful!! There she is! This is such a wonderful and special time! Congratulations to you and your little family.
    All the best,

  4. Congratulations & best wishes. Managing giving birth to both the child and the portraits demonstrates great fortitude of self and the power of the female spirit.

    I was there for daughter’s birth – sat very still amongst the tubes and lights, suspended in anticipation & uncertainty. The pictures taken are in my head. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your gentle words, Joseph!
      …and for sharing your story with me…I understand very well the pictures taken with the mind, with the memory…sometimes, it is more than enough for me too… (…smiling for you too…)

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