To reach the rivers which feed the wells


“I opened my front door and found a sense of union with the world and a communication with others (…) Instead of finding myself destroyed, I found the beginning of communion with the whole world.
Now what happened was what Ira Progoff describes in a metaphor: going inside of a well and digging down and down in order to find the deepest levels of ourselves. For if we dig deeply enough, he said, we finally reach the water that everybody shares, the universal water, the collective unconscious. We reach the rivers which feed the wells. There is a connection in the depths, the kind of connection you don´t get when you have shallow meetings with others. So it was my desire to find my deepest self and my genuine self that was responsible.”

(Anais Nin, A woman speaks)

– Three years have past by, since I post for the first time, and it has been a blissful experience that I have shared with many of you, loyal viewers. I would like to say – Thank you so much, all of you!! (…smiling…) –


33 thoughts on “To reach the rivers which feed the wells

  1. would also like to thank you, Kari 🙂 for all the inspiring posts, it’s always an interesting joyful click that leads to a moment of contemplation…

  2. Very well done, my friend and thanks for all your wonderful images. You are a big inspiration for many bloggers (photographers) out there. Take care and see you on WP.

    • Oh…my dear…thank you so much…it was been a great joy to post my images…and to find people who are searching and making journeys too, and are able to “reach the waters that everybody shares…”

      I have to say that nothing beats a great conversation – voice, eyes and hands…something that I would like to share with some of you… (…I guess you know what I mean…)… and now that smile again…ha!

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