Red Penelope speaks, again

anigif flora2

“There is only one pleasure—that of being alive. All the rest is misery.”

(Cesare Pavese, Journals)



21 thoughts on “Red Penelope speaks, again

  1. Fabulous, Kari! I’ve been wanting to do some gif type things and this just makes me want to do it more. Is there some way that I can share it on sots? I don’t quite get how the files work.

    • Thank you so much, Ashley!! I love to do them… and this is part of a bigger project that I am “cooking” with Alan Mc Kerl…

      …and of course you can post it, it will be my pleasure…I think it accepts them very quickly, gif format…

  2. Fascinating post – beautiful compositions.. I have been thinking about gifs & cinemagraph possibilities. Like Ashley, I would like to explore it further. 🙂

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