An Eye, Open


Hours, May-coloured, cool.
The no more to be named, hot,
audible in the mouth.
No one’s voice, again.
Aching depth of the eyeball:
the lid
does not stand in its way, the lash
does not count what goes in.
The tear, half,
the sharper lens, movable,
brings the images home to you.

(Paul Celan)


17 thoughts on “An Eye, Open

  1. Hi I’m Zoe I like to write. I am 18 years old and live in Britain. I would really appreciate it if you checked out my vlog and in return I will check out yours. If you tell me what I could improve on my vlog I’ll tell you what my favourite thing about your vlog is and maybe we could give each other constructive criticism.
    Here’s some things about me :
    My favourite books are the Kite Runner, Perks of Being A Wall Flower, The Hunger Games, The Brain That Changes Itself and Quiet
    My favourite Films Include The Lovely Bones, Spirited Away, The Art of Getting By, Catching Fire and Toy Story 3
    I also have a passion for writing and Art. I am currently studying Art and Design at college and have aspirations to do Animation at University.
    My favourite Writer is Susan Cain who wrote Quiet and Stephen Cboosky who wrote Perks of Being A Wallflower
    My favourite Artists are some of Salvador Dali’s Surrealist works as I believe they are utterly mad. I also admire Peter Jackson and Tim Burton as producers and Directors.
    Hope you check out my vlog and like it and I hope to be in contact with you 

      • Thank you so much 🙂 I think your vlog is beautiful and you are very talented

      • Thank you I was wondering if you have any tips on making a good vlog ? 🙂

      • thank you that is some really good advise I think being true to yourself in the content you create makes it appear alot more authentic 🙂 How did you decide you would start a blvog I am interested?

      • that’s interesting so a few years then? I was also wondering if you could follow my vlog and give me tips on how to gain followers? As you seem to be experienced

  2. You are a talented artist, my friend. You express yourself and your mood very well. Great work as usual!
    And enjoy the weekend! Big smile 🙂

    • Malin, you are kind to me…thank you so, so much for your words… (…a bit emotional…)…it is great to hear it…
      Great weekend for you too and that smile for you!!

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