Nothing, nothing, nothing…

anigif fur hand pb

“The ancient Greeks hoped for nothing, nothing, nothing, and, in my opinion, that is why they were so free in their creation. The tragedies already said, ‘you’re going to die’. The famous choir of Oedipus said that the best thing is not to be born; and second in quality is, once one is born, to die as soon as possible. That is not hope.”

(Castoriadis contra Bloch, interviewed in Postscript on Insignificance)


6 thoughts on “Nothing, nothing, nothing…

  1. Merci Karina Le”hope” et la “dead” Je l’ entens bien. Et Je sais que toi aussi. Miles

    No dia 07/02/2015, às 10:01, karijeppesen escreveu:

    > >

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