Self-portrait with my little friend

combine me and gloriaREDUX

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

(Henri Matisse)

– para Zani, Glória e João –


18 thoughts on “Self-portrait with my little friend

  1. I love these, Kari – and I love Matisse too! There are two things here. The pictures of the little girl are very good, but what I think really lifts these photos is the post’s title, combined with your shadow as you take the photos – very well done! If anything, I like the upper photo best, because she is partly in your shadow and she has a questioning, sideways look that makes the shot a little more mysterious. Adrian

  2. Agree with Malin that is a lovely quote…and really like the shadows on the second image where the heads are level with each…I know that you are both smiling ))))

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