Be still – The soul

DSC_0621retq REDUX

“I like for you to be still
It is as though you are absent
And you hear me from far away
And my voice does not touch you
It seems as though your eyes had flown away
And it seems that a kiss had sealed your mouth
As all things are filled with my soul
You emerge from the things
Filled with my soul
You are like my soul
A butterfly of dream
And you are like the word: Melancholy”…

(Pablo Neruda, I Like For You To Be Still)


30 thoughts on “Be still – The soul

  1. I am always touched by the depth of feeling of Neruda’s work…you compliment it very well…you are sympathetic to his soul…you know my feelings…the ones that smile )))

    • Thank you so much Andrew – you know, I am not a model or an actress, so I don´t pose – I just try to be…
      I do believe melancholy is a passing moment, yes, and it come, and goes…like the clouds in the sky, the waves in the sea…

    • Thank you so much, Adrian. When I took this photos, this series I took some in color and some in black and white. I am glad that this was the color one… (…smiling for you…)

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