Dear Darkness II

combine dear darkness 4REDUX

“Dear darkness
Dear darkness
Won’t you cover, cover
Me again?


So now it’s your time
Time to pay
To pay me and the one I love
With the worldly goods you’ve stashed away
With all the things you
Took from us…”

(PJ Harvey, Dear Darkness)


17 thoughts on “Dear Darkness II

  1. Oh the text is dark Kari…and the image is pleasing to the eye )))) of course I’m smiling…that’s what happens when I come to these pages ;)))

    • Oh, I love that album so much, too… very Emily Bronte feeling on that one… (…smiling…)
      No, it is not film, it is really a digital montage with a lot of longing for the real film, I have to say…
      …and have a lovely weekend, Montserrat!!

  2. J’aime si bien tes darkness!… Merci Miles

    Enviado do meu iPhone

    No dia 13/12/2014, às 10:46, karijeppesen escreveu:

    > >

  3. That is a lovely song… and the lyrics… so beautiful.
    This is an excellent image, my friend. Pure art! There’s a lot of feelings in it.
    Big smile…

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