…”Hands and arms, for what?”…

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“Mãos e braços, para quê?
E para quê, os meus cinco sentidos?
Se a gente não se abraça e não se vê,
Ambos perdidos.”

…”Hands and arms, for what?
And for what, my five senses?
If we do not embrace and do not see,
Both lost”…

(Amália Rodrigues, Triste Sina)


27 thoughts on “…”Hands and arms, for what?”…

  1. One day we will recover the tenderness and affection that we all deserve.

    A Brisa Do Coração
    O segredo a descobrir está fechado em nós

    O tesouro brilha aqui, embala o coração
Mas está escondido nas palavras e nas mãos ardentes

    Na doçura de chorar, nas carícias quentes

    Dulce Pontes

    The Breath of the Heart
    The secret to find is closed in us.
The treasure shines here, cradling the heart
But it is hidden in the words and in ardent hands
In the sweetness of the cry, in hot caresses

    Dulce Pontes

  2. These two images are very strong!!

    Art is longing. You never arrive, but you keep going in the hope that you will. (Anselm Kiefer)

    • Thank you so much – you are kind!…
      I made them today, when I was searching for the soul…
      I think this quote is perfect, and so right… thank you again, and have a lovely night!!

  3. Is there a way in to share the experience…the storytelling lies on an emotional landscape )))) Smiling and thanks for the garment…it has shared so many emotional experiences

      • Dearest Kari it was you who created and crafted the image…from your thoughts and subconscious mind it surfaced…I looked as I have at so much of your work…admiringly so…I love your connection between image and word…I smile…))))

  4. I’m still almost completely drained from the last concert, so, unable to write much, but I love this… the song is good too… strong words in there… intense expression… love the intimate setting too… and well, maybe a pretty futile thing to say, but I like your hair and gown… strange how some forms of sadness makes beautiful works… sourire pour toi, Karina…

  5. you remind me polish poem:
    “I do not know how to say it with words
    I do not pine for things with words
    but with hands
    enclosing space
    but with blood
    flowing within them

    you are in my pulse
    it sounds off
    and comes back
    to remember always[…]”

    Dear Kari, intense, exciting and with tight blood flows in the veins.
    kind regards!

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