In the Archive XIV – Double-exposure III

foto 1081retqREDUX

“There are times when those eyes inside your brain stare back at you.”

(Charles Bukowski, What Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire )

– from the series Vidraça Lúcida, 1999, analogue, film Tmax 400, gelatin silver print –

13 thoughts on “In the Archive XIV – Double-exposure III

  1. I can’t believe there are no comments on this one…
    So, here’s my comment; This is art!!! Absolutely fantastic double exposure.

    • Malin, thank you so very much!! (…smiling and smiling…)
      I think is a absolute mystery how people will react when you show them a image… and what takes them to do a comment…still a mystery to me…
      …sometimes, you just need one, very good follower… I thank you for that…

  2. Just like Malin, I’m quite surprised at the lack of comments on this particular one…

    But hey! Maybe I just turned to some sort of fanboy, because I think that there’s a lot going on in this image. First, it feels a bit like a portrait lifted from a renaissance sfumato painting or something, but projected in a more modern town set; also evoking 19th century photos of some women artists along the way. And although you probably didn’t choose your own face features at birth, they just fit so well with the styles you work in. Beautiful analog self-portrait of a beautiful woman in her early 20’s (I guess) right at the end of the 20th century.

    Oh… and I vote for this one to appear on Strata of the Self at some point! 😉

    • Oh, Ben!! I am so, so deeply touched by your comment… you read me so, so well… you make me laugh, and cry, just a little…Thank you, for the bottom of my heart…what a joy… to have comments like that…

      …and no, I did not choose my face…hahaha… I can only choose the angles to show… and yes 1999, I was 22, many years ago… 37 now…

  3. …wait a minute… have I read that I made you cry for a second? Erm… I’ll post a clown picture soon to balance things!

    37? Still many steps to reach your grandma; keep climbing.

  4. So many layers in this between these two ones.
    As you are , an artist of myriad layers and countless beauties (sorry i’m so parsimonious with comments . just feel some kind of uneasiness concerning communication via computer. I must tell you thought i really bask devotedly in your beautiful artwork)

    • Oh…You make my day with this very kind comment…I am deeply touched… (…smiling so much…)

      (…and I am sorry too, I´ve never made any comment in your beautiful blog, but it is a great pleasure for me to see it…)

      • Very nice to hear .
        Maybe comments are not always a necessity,I think of understanding without additional words needed of course.Although it was nice to contact in that way too.
        Thank you for you nice compliment too :))

      • …I have to say they are not necessary, but they taste very good… (…smiling for you…)

        …it is all my pleasure…

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