Our eyes (after Rodin)

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“Finally, beauty is everywhere. It is not that she lacks in our eyes, but our eyes fail to see it.”

(Auguste Rodin, L’Art)


14 thoughts on “Our eyes (after Rodin)

  1. Yep, Rodin, beauty is everywhere. Here, beauty is the light; warming the old hand of art as I witness that same lighten hand trying to reach for you. Well, maybe beauty will forever be some never-ending dream at the heart of an infinite meanings window; one that we just need to look through or open a little bit; once in a while. Here, one of these dreamy meanings is you, channeling some Vermeer’s model at the camera click sound…

    But at some point, I guess that beauty must have also crossed the hand of the craftsman who worked on the wooden door behind you, because I can’t help but feel something reminiscent of a Russian icon’s aureole encircling your head. So, all in all, beautiful art, Karina. And: você é muito linda, I must say; as always! Do that count as lesson No. 3? Hahaha.

  2. Dear Benoît, you make me smile so much!!… what a lovely comment that you send to me…
    …many of this ideas where in the back of my mind… this photos I took in Paris,some weeks ago, at the Rodin museum, I was deeply touch by the space, lights and sculptures of Rodin and Camille Claudel…

    …and I don´t know if it counts for lesson nº 3, but I thank you so much… muito obrigada, tu também és lindo!!…hahaha…

  3. I didn’t saw this reply because it was not in my WordPress box for some reasons…
    I only visited Paris once, but I roamed through as many galleries and museums as I could. I didn’t go to the Rodin one though. There’s just so much to see and do in Paris, but I was there for just a couple of days. But I guess it would’ve been another inspiring museum.

    …and thank you, it is fun to learn a couple of Portuguese words, but I’m not so sure about the pronunciation though!

      • Oh yeah, haha, sing something; why not? :)))

        You know, I was about to ask you if maybe you could record a couple of random words again? To put over music. Just words. Any words. They wouldn’t necessarily need to make much sense. Just puzzle pieces to play with. Words that you feel sounds good in your language. Or words that you like for a reason or another. Then, I could cook something musical with these spoken words.

        But don’t stress yourself with this, of course. Because if you don’t find the time or you don’t feel like doing it, well, no problem at all; it’s just a floating idea…

      • Love this idea very much!!… again, a bit of my comfort zone, but still good… hahaha… soon, I promise, soon… (…smiling and smiling for you…)

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