A place to rest


“A place to rest
isn’t given to us.
Suffering humans
decline and blindly fall
from one hour to the next,
like water thrown
from cliff to cliff,
year after year,
down into the Unknown.”

(Friedrich Hölderlin)

– para JG Miles –


13 thoughts on “A place to rest

  1. Oh Kari, I think this is an amazing piece of work. Such beautiful dabs of light and shadow. Oddly, I am reminded of a bird and nest – perhaps I am spending too much time photographing birds…
    This one is going to stick with me, incredible. xx

    • Thank you so much, dear Malin!! It is the same tree, of your assignment “Me and the tree”, it was a beautiful afternoon near that light…and that intense tree… (…smiling and smiling…)

      • A big smile back at you, my friend.

        And yes… an intense tree.

  2. yes … I think it’s a good place for pure thoughts,
    I sometimes wonder whether there is such a place where there is silence
    may need it to have it in myself inside.
    Beautiful, Kari, like always

    • Thank you my dear Agnes!! and welcome back again!!
      It is very difficult, but I think it has to be inside, no other place…but is so difficult… (…smiling…)

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