“Introspection is a devouring monster. You have to feed it with much material, much experience, many people, many places, many loves, many creations, and then it ceases feeding on you.”

(Anaïs Nin)

– Malin Hellesø was very kind to suggest to us an assignment “Me and the tree”. Take a look of the wonderful results. I am there and many more.


11 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. I’m with Alan on that one; your eyes are really a great feature of many images of yours. Very powerful. They sure fit with this introspection theme, also. Bravo.

    Et je vous souhaite un bon été, Karina.

    Adeus até breve,

    • Oh, Benoît!! Thank you so, so much!!…I try to have une bon eté, but it is raining so much (il pleure…) it is difficult!! hahaha…
      Adeus e até breve, é sempre um prazer ter-te por aqui (always a pleasure to have you in here) – lesson number 2!!

      (…smiling and smiling pour vous…)

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