In the Archive IX – Film Noir II

combine film noirREDUX

“A person shows himself for an instant as in a photograph but clearer and in the background something which is bigger than his shadow.”

(Tomas Tranströmer)

– from the series Film noir, 2000, analogue, film Ilford HP5 plus 400, gelatin silver print –


22 thoughts on “In the Archive IX – Film Noir II

  1. Very interesting take on a self-portrait, Kari, and once again I do like the words you have chosen to accompany it. And then the questions – who is looking at who, and are both of you at one with who and what you see? Adrian

    • Oh, Adrian!! I love your thoughts so much!! Many, many thanks thanks…
      And I think you can understand my questions, so well…and I thank you again…
      Some years, in this series, but I am still searching for the same answers… (…smiling for you, and oh, so much!!)

    • …you are so right, the hands and the magic… now I try to teach it, so it´s not lost forever…
      …but, oh how I miss the long nights in the dark room… (…smiling…)

      • I always thought contact sheets were great templates…and those little 35mm stainless steel developing tanks…and all that decision making about what finish of paper to use )))

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