In the Archive V – Still Life

foto 1064retqREDUX

“I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”

(Pablo Picasso)

– from the series Peregrination, 1998, film Ilford HP5 400, gelatin silver print-


16 thoughts on “In the Archive V – Still Life

  1. This too is a brilliant statement by Picasso: “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.” I also don’t think if we are true to ourselves that if we paint an object we are doing more than putting it in ourselves and then trying to reproduce what or how we are able to regurgitate it. An of this, I would like to think, is when I painted a young girl for a friend who had hired me. The father of the young girl didn’t like the image. The image turned out to make her seem a bit plump and not as beautiful as she later turned out to be. I was embarrassed. I felt like I should stop trying to be an artist, but I was also thinking that what I was thinking about her was coming across or that while I am not the best sketcher, the work eventually represented what I was feeling about what she represented to me. She seemed spoiled and privileged. Of course I was projecting given that I had come from a privileged family like hers and I was jealous since that privilege was long gone. And so the point is that as Picasso also said, we are only and always painting ourselves seems to be true. This may not be taking in account the fact that as a formally, but briefly trained, sketch artist, who was often unable to follow the line of a head for example and complete the circle, that I am still pretty bad in terms of the reality of my replicating. What I find comfort in however is that when I look back at some of the drawings I have done, where I felt good about them, they really do demonstrate the point I wish to make. Often, when I write here in WordPress, I like to accompany each story with an image that I have done. I surprise myself following the writing of a story or poem by then deriving a visual work that seems to manifest the point I was trying to make prosaically.

    In your image, there is a crack in the hat box that looks like a flying woman or stork or something that seems to reflect your personality. There is the squareness of the frames within the frame. There is a bird cage, the luggage, and everything seems to be colored with dust or reminds me of belongings of the poor. (I am reminded by a CapeTown gallery show.)

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