Silent and sunny II

combine luz na casaREDUX

“Seeing is in itself a movement.(…) Light comes to us by the sensibility. Without visual sensibility there is no light, no movement.”

(Robert Delaunay)


17 thoughts on “Silent and sunny II

  1. Is there a sense of longing in these images Kari? …the sun is out but I am on the wrong side of the glass ))) smiling

  2. like this, when envelops us creamy – white light
    when placed gently on our faces
    and brings pictures of our memory and emotions
    This is my favorite triptych, dear Kari.
    Sun on your face, today too, and in every next day

    • …oh, this is your favorite? that is so nice… (…smiling…)
      Thank you so much, dear Agnes, the volcano!!…
      Sun, sun, sun on your face too… (…smiling again…)

      • Among your photos difficult to choose the ones that are the best, they are all excellent, but some of them are adopted stronger in my soul.

      • That’s what you have to say your photos is not exhausted, you are a treasure trove of thoughts and feelings.
        It is an honor for me to be able to see it. smiling at you.

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