In the archive III – Film Noir

foto 1048retq2REDUX

“We always feel younger than we are. I carry inside myself my earlier faces, as a tree contains its rings. The sum of them is me. The mirror sees only my latest face, while I know all my previous ones.”

(Tomas Tranströmer, Memories sees me)

– from the series Film Noir, 2000, analogue, film Ilford HP5 plus 400, gelatin silver print –


24 thoughts on “In the archive III – Film Noir

  1. cinema noir is a concern, and Your face appears to be mild, as always.
    Maybe it’s good that, in only remember our previous faces.
    I am loving your images !
    Warm hugs !

  2. What a fantastic (analogue) work, dear Kari… I immediately started to think about Ingmar Bergman… So much feeling in this one.

    I also like the fantastic quote from one of Swedens most fantastic authors (Tomas Tranströmer). This is, if I’m not wrong, from his autobiography “Minnena se mig” – you can translate it to “Memories sees me.”

    The quote from Tranströmer in Swedish goes like this: Man känner sig alltid yngre än man är. Inom mig bär jag mina tidigare ansikten, som ett träd har sina årsringar. Det är summan av dem som är ”jag”. Spegeln ser bara mitt senaste ansikte, jag känner av alla mina tidigare.

    • …if you start to think about Bergman, I am so glad, as you know I love his work very much!!…

      …yes, yes,…that is the book, yes, I read it in Portuguese (a thing that I do very rare, I always prefer English translations) and then I tried to translate in to English, mas the title was very hard… I am going to use yours…(…smiling…)
      …and it was a pleasure trying to read in the original language… yes, my thoughts go for Bergman, again… and that musicality of the language that I like to hear so much…and a softnest to it too…

      …and thank you so much, dear Malin – for your support… you are unflagging… (…smiling and smiling to you…)

      • Bergman – the one and only. :)) I’ve read his autobiography “Laterna magica” (The Magic Lantern) and I was very fascinated… I don’t know if you’ve read it. If you haven’t, I’d like to recommend it.

        Big smile – and I wish you a wonderful day, dear Kari.

      • …this is so funny…last week, I was with this book in my hand, but it was the Portuguese translation, and I ask for the English one…very soon I am going to read this… this is really funny… Thank you again, dear Malin!! (…smiling and smiling, sunny smile…)

  3. Yes, I know that and there is no difference in old age, I think sometimes. But there’s also the opposite, days when age comes to us at first hand.

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