Lazy and feline

anigif hear you

“His voice in my ear. It did interesting things to me. It curved my back and parted my lips. I felt lazy and feline, and he wasn’t even in the room.”

(Helen Oyeyemi, Mr. Fox)


41 thoughts on “Lazy and feline

  1. I love the steam and reflection on the glass & your wet hair against the glass in some of the shots. Very ethereal, at time you almost appear to be underwater.

  2. speak to me with the whisper,
    whispering – aren’t lying,
    and what you are saying, all sounds as wind…
    My thoughts are perhaps distant from what you wanted to say
    But the art has a lot of roads of interpretation, after all
    And it’s probably well
    I am giving you a heartfelt smile !

  3. Bonjour Karina,

    Again… so much richness and beauty everywhere on your blog!

    There are remnants of movies in black and white, yes, here and there, but also deep sepia nature, orange fire abandon, calm grey solitude, longing blue winds, inevitable brown dust, mirroring silver poems, welcomed golden pauses, cerebral wine songs, pale pink skin, white sleeping lights…

    …and I see paintings again and again…

    …and your hairs; often playing some mysterious motifs games…

    Well, in my mind, you and your art are positively multiform; sometimes, it is an exquisite elixir made of equal parts of something close to a photographic Gustav Klimt and the models of that same artist; a fine drink!

    (…smiling in many colors…)

    • …oh, Benoît…and I thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart… …(and I am blushing now…)…can´t say more, thank you… (…and smiling for you too, in a lot of colors too…)

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