An instant


“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

(Dorothea Lange)


27 thoughts on “An instant

  1. So, so beautiful… And I know this quote from Dorothea, it say’s a lot.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend, my friend. x

  2. …it´s is maybe one of my favorites quotes, along with Ansel Adams, about the act of taking a photography…
    …and thank you so much dear Malin for liking it… a wonderful weekend for you too…(…smiling…)

  3. In spite of craftsmanship every photographer and pose of model, the viewer feels an irresistible urge to look into at the image of that tiny spark of the case, the inseparable relationship between the time and place of the event.
    You give oneself in the photographs ( and it is beauty), but most important is what is inside, it’s what you do not say explicitly what is hidden in an unknown
    and photograph reminds us, what we have forgotten
    This is like a beautiful haiku , Kari
    Big smile for you, my dear!!

  4. It still seems a very good quote to think about when you consider how long ago she said it ))))

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