combine fur twoREDUX

“The snow has quietness in it; no
no smells, no shouts or traffic.
When I speak
my own voice shocks me.”

(Anne Sexton,  All my pretty ones)

– For Ben –


15 thoughts on “Quietness

  1. Thank you so much, Karina. I’m touched.

    (My computer is having very bad problems since yesterday; it seems that working on videos is a bit too much demanding for it’s venerable age… so I’m not 100% sure I will be able to share the music file with you today; but it is done and I find it quite good)

    • …all my pleasure!!…(…smiling and smiling…)

      …no problem…I am glad that is done and you are pleased with the final result!!…and I am curious like a cat…

    • Oh my dear volcano!! I am so sorry you are feeling like that…but so glad that my images can do something for you…
      A big smile and a hug for you!!

      • “Apagaram-se as luzes. É a primavera cercada
        pelas vozes.
        E enquanto dorme o leite,
        a minha casa
        pousa no silêncio e arde pouco a pouco.

        No círculo de pétalas veementes cai a cabeça –
        e as palavras nascem.
        – Límpidas, amargas.”
        a few days- must get well!
        smiling warm at you!

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