Before we were us

combine comboios2 REDUX

…”who we were isn’t lost
before we were us
indigo in his own
blue always knew this
if the rain
has to separate
from itself
does it say pick out your cloud”…

(Tori Amos, Your cloud)


14 thoughts on “Before we were us

  1. So much feeling in these two images, Kari. The lyrics goes well with your images!
    I really love your diptychs, they tell a story…

    And I wish you a wonderful day, my friend. (smiling)

    • …I just love trains and all things around them, specially the stories… Thank you so much!!!

      (…and I am thinking about digging old treasures… my old analog photos from the archive…maybe I call them “from the warehouse”?…)

      Have a wonderful night dear Malin!! (…smiling…)

      • Oh, please do that! I’d love to see your analog photos, Kari! So, please… do that. (smiling a lot).

        Have a wonderful day dear Kari! (I didn’t get so much sleep this night…, but I’m okey). 🙂

      • ok, I will, I will… still have to scan them all…but it will come…from the attic the little treasures…(…smiling a lot…)

  2. Dear Kari,
    it is only fun, I Hope, that my polish friends will see your art.
    This is one of the most beautiful places in the virtual world, for me.
    my nomination for you! for the Liebster Award is received from another blog in recognition for “a job well done.”

  3. Dear Agnes, the volcano – Thank you so very much for your award!! and for your warmth words…(…smiling and smiling for you…)

    Hope you are feeling much better now…thinking about you…

  4. kari – for some reason i am not receiving your blog entries in my email inbox – i am now catching up on your gorgeous work!

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