She imagines…

combine night bed2REDUX

“She imagines him imagining her. This is her salvation.”

(Margaret Atwood, The blind assassin)


24 thoughts on “She imagines…

  1. Lovely photos! Look old like coming from Margaret Cameron and the logical leap with Margaret Atwood make the connection more that an interpretation of the photos. Thank you for that. I had two wonderful afternoons reading “The edible woman” many years ago.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Vassilis – yes, Julia Margaret Cameron was a revelation for me…so, I think that period is always in the back of my mind, really…(…smiling…)

  2. I’m very moved by this serie, Kari.
    I feel so much for this post – with this lyrics and your images. I know the feeling, too well.
    Great work my dear friend!

  3. Malin – thank you, again, and again, so, so very much…(…smiling so very much…)

    …this is a strange and a wonderful journey… we just let out images and impressions, ideas…we never know if someone will understand or feel them… but when we have reaction, it is just so magical and uplifting…because I never expect nothing you know… just one person to feel and see your images is so important…I think you can understand me… Thank you for that my dear…

  4. I lack words … so much has been written …
    this time in silence, I feel, and I think … woman and her emotions…her world
    Warm regards,my Dear Kari!

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