The day before you came


“Must have left my house at eight, because I always do
My train, I’m certain, left the station just when it was due
I must have read the morning paper going into town
And having gotten through the editorial, no doubt I must have frowned
I must have made my desk around a quarter after nine
With letters to be read, and heaps of papers waiting to be signed
I must have gone to lunch at half past twelve or so
The usual place, the usual bunch
And still on top of this I’m pretty sure it must have rained
The day before you came…”

(Benny Andersson / Bjorn Ulvaeus, The Day Before You Came)


25 thoughts on “The day before you came

  1. Ah the complexity of metal…of the structure bearing down…the complexity of the pattern of the structure…beautiful image Kari…full of dynamics…it has a solidity in it that contrasts with your delicate and sensitive matter…))) smiling…oh to be stood on a platform waiting for a train with an espresso in hand and a mindful of jumbled words ;))

  2. The good old ABBA. And Agnetha at the station! Lovely. A break up song, or at least a delayed love one, since the group was splitting at the moment, while the couples were already apart for a number of years.

  3. Since I’m Swedish, I’m very proud of the Swedish band Abba.
    A wonderful post my friend!
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Kari.

    • …a big part of my childhood has been with Abba music…so this one was in a nice day!!
      Thank you, dear Malin!! And for you too, have fun!! Everyday should be a Valentine´s day, yes?… (…smiling and smiling…)

      • Their music still going strong 🙂

        I agree with you Kari – everydat shoul be like Valentines day, 🙂

  4. sometimes I want escape by train
    I know, I do not have long to ponder, just run out of the house…
    once, I walked hesitantly at dawn:
    I searched secrets and things lost in the wagons,
    I sat alone in a stationary train.
    I like these small stations
    of unknowns names,
    of the light of green.
    …long ago, At this station
    I saw a girl in a green scarf,
    how drank hot milk.

    Thank you so much Kari, for your beautiful world
    smile at you !!!

    • Ah, all the stories you see and find in train stations… the reason why I love them so much!!
      Thank you so very much, my dear volcano!!
      …and hope you are feeling better…
      (…smiling just for you…)

      • I feel a breath of spring and I try to think positively.
        I received a file from Voz Humana. It’s a wonderful surprise! I wrote to R. Dias
        Volcano smiling at you !

  5. Well, train stations I always like, but this one, I also like it because of the composition and the almost black, but still a bit purple-blue-ish tint… (well, on my computer screen anyway…)

  6. I often dream of trains. I love the image, distinct from most of what I have seen. The image is almost a recursion, the steel strangely warm. Trains and city transit play heavily in my novel in progress.
    Keep making art! (Smiles wide)

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