Through fox’s eyes – winter tales

combine winter fur17REDUX

“Some get snowblind
With the daylight
But then with the night
For once see clearly

Through fox’s eyes
I’ve been watching you
How do you free your mind
So that you’re not confined
By our concept
Of what we call time


And what I must now
Bring back
I’m wondering
Were you giants
Or friends
Even the more again
Lovers or enemies
One or all of these”

(Tori Amos, Snowblind)


13 thoughts on “Through fox’s eyes – winter tales

  1. Now… this is absolutely gorgeous. All six of them tells a story…
    Very good work my friend!

  2. images….enough to fathom each other out, with others, same myself …
    life taste like strawberry crushed on the lips, feel emotions,
    to be experiencing
    to be immersed in diversity …
    Kari, you are sensitive on vibrations of emotion, which send the world, it is beautiful!
    Wonderful photos!

  3. A very perfect collection of six; very stunning Kari. I would love to have this as a montage on my wall, above my bed. The very thought of the hidden face overwhelms me. Beautiful work Kari, my dear.

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