Merry, merry…


Thank you so much for being there!

Take care!

Best Regards,



19 thoughts on “Merry, merry…

  1. And thank you dear Kari for sharing wonderful images and texts.
    Take care and see you soon on WP again. 🙂

    I love the image, I have something similar myself.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my friend!

    • Thank you again, really from my heart…dear, dear Malin…

      Time for “Fanny and Alexander”! (…smiling for you…)

      Merry, merry for you too!!

      See you very soon, same place as usual!! (…with that smile…)

      • Yes, time for Fanny and Alexander. 🙂

        And yes, see you soon (with a smile as usual).

  2. Kari thank you for : beauty, your emotionality – because can explore the world thinks, which transcend reality by imagination
    Beautiful and quiet christmas for you!!

    • My dear volcano!!! Thank you so much for your thoughts, and to be by my side in this journey…
      Beautiful, beautiful Christmas for you too…full of lights!!(…smiling a lot…)

    • …oh, no, no, don´t take notes!! You have a wonderful thing that I don´t have – a very good sense of humor – I am more dramatic in my little creations… so, please, don´t take notes, continue your delirium… (…smiling a lot…)

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