Remember, remember…

combine eu e flor REDUX3

“Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it.”

(Sylvia Plath)


40 thoughts on “Remember, remember…

  1. In Paris at the moment…with my sister and family…and their four cats…all the cats have such different characters and lovely to be with…sourire

    • Thank you, Mrs Dalloway!! it was her idea to be in this photo-shoot… I was just finishing “The Mute singer” and she just clime in to my back…and I had the command in my fingers, so I profit… it was a Now thing… (…smiling a lot…)
      Flor is such a drama queen!!

  2. Ah! Flor and Karina
    A click with a meow, voilà
    Ah! Flor and Karina
    Pictured in the now era
    Ah! Flor and Karina
    Feline fun and a «je-ne-sais-quoi»


    • Photos of my cats? After Christmas, probably, in a week or so…

      There’s supposedly also some wild Canada Lynx in my area (they live in the woods, but I have yet to see one)

      Encounters are extremely rare. But people don’t go in the forest that much nowadays, it doesn’t help. I do. Often. For whole days. There is many kilometers of very wild woods accessible right from my backyard, so it is pretty easy to play to Animal Ben. In fact, a persistent dream of mine is to take pictures, naked, with wild animals. Not an easy task! But, somehow, I think I will succeed someday…

      I’ll begin with my own cat versions of Flor though!

      • (…smiling a lot…)
        Having a forest near by really warm my heart – and I can see Ben taking his photos in the wild… it will be great!!
        …but yes, start with the home made version of the lynx…I will watch them for sure…

    • Thank you so much, Jonathan!! I never saw that portraits, but now I will look for it, for sure… they are wonderful creatures, they can do anything… (…smiling at you…)

  3. Malin has just pointed me at this post of your’s, Kari – we are all three of us cat lovers! Although I don’t have a cat myself. Excellent pictures, Kari – the last one is my favourite because of your eye contact with the camera, and also the excellent lighting on your face >>> but all three shots are greatly added to by your cat’s seemingly unconcerned gazing about here and there. Adrian 🙂

    • Yes we are all cat lovers; I can see that too! (smiling so much)
      Thank you so much Adrian for your comment!! My wonderful cat Flor loves to take photos with me, it was her idea to be in this photoshoot – now I have one more; she is still a baby cat, so I still don’t know her interrest for photographie! hahhahaha

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