Slowly being unraveled

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“Sometimes, when one is moving silently through such an utterly desolate landscape, an overwhelming hallucination can make one feel that oneself, as an individual human being, is slowly being unraveled . The surrounding space is so vast that it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a balanced grip on one’s own being. The mind swells out to fill the entire landscape, becoming so diffuse in the process that one loses the ability to keep it fastened to the physical self. The sun would rise from the eastern horizon, and cut it’s way across the empty sky, and sink below the western horizon. This was the only perceptible change in our surroundings. And in the movement of the sun, I felt something I hardly know how to name: some huge, cosmic love.”

(Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle)


24 thoughts on “Slowly being unraveled

  1. Yes! Absolutely wonderful!! Well done, Kari. And Haruki’s text really fit in!

    I associate this serie with journey of life.

    Have a happy Monday!

  2. “Yet there are moments when the walls of the mind grow thin; when nothing is unabsorbed, and I could fancy that we might blow so vast a bubble that the sun might set and rise in it and we might take the blue of midday and the black of midnight and be cast off and escape from here and now.”
    ― Virginia Woolf, The Waves

    I read all of Murakami’s books, but that I value the most, just it ..
    It’s a wonderful oneiric world.
    So, your photos, are like a poetical dream. This is wonderful, Kari!
    You are a master in of creating a specific atmosphere. Literature is the starting point for , research of yourself.
    “There are things as of that you can not escape, even if they go away from them very far,” H. Murakami
    (warm smile for you)

    • …I really try not to escape…from me…(…smiling to you…)
      Love the “The Waves”!!

      Thank you my dear, to be…just there looking and understanding…

  3. What I really like about your images, the captured and thus “frozen” movements. For the mapping of movement actually made ​​the film, the photo should reflect a moment. But if you now how you photograph the movement, you always create completely unique images. Although it is only a moment, but it “feels” when looking at how the time passes.

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