Trains of thought

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“Do all people have that? A face, a phrase, a landscape, an air bubble from the past suddenly floating up as if released by the head warden’s child from a cell in the brain while the mind is at work on some totally different matter? Something of the sort also occurs just before falling asleep when what you think you are thinking is not at all what you think. Or two parallel passenger trains of thought, one overtaking the other.”

(Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister)


20 thoughts on “Trains of thought

  1. An image that makes me feel and think about journey of life, thoughts as arising during the journey. Thousands of emotional feelings as arising. And suddenly you feel like your life seems just like a rerun. It feels like everything is going round and around.

    Until you press stop … to listen to the silence. You want to hear it.
    You press stop… and you see peoples reflections in the windows, their expressions…

    And suddenly, you see yourself in the window, your reflection. And the journey continues.

    Thank you for sharing images that makes me think. I hope you understand some of my weird thoughts here. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, dear Malin!!
    Many of your thoughts are mine too, so, not weird at all… (…smiling at you…)
    This was a very instrospective journey on that beautiful train seeing the land of Nederlands, that I treasure so much… and the journey always continue, isn´t it?…
    Thank you so much to see it too!! (…smiling again…)

  3. Hi Karina! You know, I haven’t read a single book from Nabokov, in its entirety, and I don’t plan to do in the future. I’m a very lunatic reader. But I know a writer is good when I open a page or two and my mind instantly wanders around the poetic stream of words and I loose track of what I’m reading.

    Some pages from different books by Vladimir Nabokov have done just that. Poetic words that were strong even when completely taken out of their context. In short, I know a book is good when I don’t even have to read it, in a way!

    But in this case, it was not so much the words, but your image floating above them that sprung this short assortment of simple words.

    All this to say that: yes, it is a song; a very simple one and I’ll show you.

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