The mute singer

anigifcantora muda pequeno

Want to buy some illusions,
slightly used, almost new?
Such romantic illusions,
And they’re all just for you.
I sell them all for a penny,
they make pretty souvenirs.
Take my lovely illusions, –
some for laughs, some for tears .

(Friedrich Hollaender, Want to buy some illusions)

One hundred posts have past by, since I post for the first time. I would like to thank so much all of you, for your support in my journey – Your likes, comments and followings are much apreciated!


31 thoughts on “The mute singer

      • Maybe I was too fast. What is really strong for me, is, that the photo’s are about singing. Singing is musik; and music evolves in time. You added the element time in the high speed of the sequence. Your title is also very strong: image without sound. Your words are about illusions; illusions that can’t be heard. There is a melancholy in this that I can understand. (but maybe this all just what I make of it; that would make it even worse… 🙂 )

  1. Lovely!
    Both ithe self oortraits and the text!

    And thank you for sharing your work, Kari. Always interesting to see your work and readiing your blog. I hope you will continue this journey, I will continue following your blog as long as you are blogging. 🙂

    • Oh, Malin!! (…smiling a lot…) – I thank you so much for your support, curiosity and understanding, it is a joy having you around, and of course my pleasure seeing your very fertile work!! (…and smiling again…)

      • Well, I say the same thing you use to say; my pleasure! 🙂 Smiling back at you!

  2. in order to be friends with your art, have a listen. Then the relationship between the elements will become more understandable. It what is indifferent Becomes suddenly relevant and poignant.
    Somewhere outside, covers, separates from the banal world of random elements.
    This triggers a countless multitude of Interpretations and experiences. I like it!

  3. These images are beautiful but they make me very sad indeed. The mute. Angels and Sailors.

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