I watched you die

combine bird face seaREDUX

I watched you die little bird;
how you squirmed,
the crazy cat
plucking you gracefully
from your aborted flight,
crimson spurting generously,
eyes rolling,
slipping into limpness,
fluid discharging from every orifice;
your young opponent,
licking chops and feather wet
bloody whiskers white.

(Jack Brewis, Little bird)


19 thoughts on “I watched you die

  1. This is so sad but beautiful.
    The words… and the images… goes straight to the heart.

    Wish you a lovely weekend, my dear friend.

    • Hi, Mario – I am sad that I had not written it too, but is a piece of a dear friend… the photos are mine. I am reader, not a writer…
      …and welcome!!

      • Your friend wrote it?! If so, that’s close enough to claim an association that would imply your own intelligence. You know what they say about the friends you keep! It is simply a lovely poem. It is right, lucid, definite, brilliant, and satisfying. The photos are equally delicious.

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