Stone and light

combine rosto e luz5REDUX

“I wanted to feel the blood running back into my veins, even at the cost of annihilation. I wanted to shake the stone and light out of my system. I wanted the dark fecundity of nature, the deep well of the womb, silence, or else the lapping of the black waters of death. I wanted to be that night which the remorseless eye illuminated, a night diapered with stars and trailing comets. To be of night so frighteningly silent, so utterly incomprehensible and eloquent at the same time. Never more to speak or to listen or to think.”

(Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn)


32 thoughts on “Stone and light

  1. “All my life, I have lived with the feeling that I have been kept from my true place”, Cioran
    I’m sorry, that I typed quotation, but your art is an inspiration to many my thoughts.
    Cioran is my favorite philosopher. Many of his feelings is close to me.
    My Dear, the composition of your photos – wonderful. Everything fits together perfectly.
    (wonderful weekend for You)!

  2. I was away from the internet for the past few weeks… I’m sort of mute… but I had to unmute to say I like this tryptic very much!! And what you do with your hair also. It adds something to your wonderful pensive stare that you have in a lot of your art. Bye Karina and again, good artwork!

  3. Thank you so much for your unmute mode(…smiling…), and for liking…I like to receive your comments, a lot…
    …I see my hair as extensions – roots or brushes – they want to say more…
    Bye Benoît…see you soon…

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