Angel or bird

combine witch and cat noise-totalREDUX

You swim up from the past, of all our set
the one most rosy, elegant, and tall.
And your transparent profile – how it sways
through carriage windows! Why does memory insist?
Angel or bird – we argued which you were.
The poet said you were his girl of straw…

(Anna Akhmatova, A Shadow)


18 thoughts on “Angel or bird

  1. As always… beautul, very beautiful. And I love the presence of the cat in the background.

    We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. (Luciano De Crescenzo)

    • Your quote is so true, yes, without the embrace, we are nothing, we can´t fly… Thank you, dear Malin!!

      Well, my cat became my witness, so it was more than fair to included her…(…smiling…)

  2. The deads can dance? Or the living? We dont know for sure with this ghostly series… I like these dances you do in awkward spaces a lot . And I dont know exactly what it is, but I really often see paintings relations when I look at your images. You sure have a great eye for composition and a strong presence as your own model!

    Bye Karina and say hi to Flor (I saw the name in the comments!)

    (Now I think I’ll do a picture or two with my cats someday just for fun…)

  3. Benoît, Benoît, merci, merci beaucoup…
    I like always your comments, they are so rich to me… Thank you… (…smiling a lot and radiant…)

    I will say hi to Flor, of course…

    And I will be waiting for those pictures too…

  4. …with a hot traces of memories…
    Memory is constantly to filtered, but we need have this extraordinary impulse, off specific moment of the past, then all come back to us: the smell, the taste, the feeling,
    the best of part of our memory is beyond us
    sometimes, I with difficulty think about this, that after something with past, not left of trace
    you again prompted me to think (…smiling to you…)

    greetings to the models on your photos(…smiling a lot)

  5. …yes, my dear you are so right…I take all memories in my body… (…smiling to you too…)

    …I will send the greetings to my models, of course…

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