combine sombras mirror2REDUX

I feel like I want to fly
Reach out to the painted sky
A prisoner to the wind
A bird on the wing…

(Dead Can Dance, Opium)


18 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Dear Kari,
    The words are probably unnecessary
    I’m captivated
    but…A miracle (what else can you call it)

    más hermoso sobre todo en este preciso,
    preciso, por lo demás ya pasado, instante.

  2. Always
    I feel like you can fly
    Reach out to the painted sky
    Because an art bird you freely become
    So, the deads can dance? I hope
    But the living too

    I like this composition, again. Very simple, but effective.

    • Oh, Benoît how I love your comments so much!! Thank you, again, so much!!
      I know that you can fly too and dance..for the rest I don´t know….hahaha… (…smiling a lot, really a lot…)

  3. The rest? I’m not sure to understand what you say, so… erm… I will make a big smile to compensate for my lack of comprehension… some things dont always translate well in the virtual world…

    (…big smile…haha…)

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