Read the sky

combine nuvens eudarken REDUX

Thought I knew you well
Thought I had read the sky
Thought I had read a change
in your eyes
so strange
Woke up to a world
that I am
not a part
except when I can
play it’s strange

(Tori Amos, Strange)


12 thoughts on “Read the sky

  1. Well, I am volcano and talker (smiling a lot):
    Your images…
    for me
    It feeling …
    this is like … creamy of light in which we are Immersed , that surrounds us, insulates from the outside world
    We can not form the light, we not have the power / or technique. / we can only mention this light, long wait for it, freeze the glare …
    and when he disappears, we want… to returned again, at least once

    Kari it is wonderful!

    • …well, I try to make the exercise not to be…somehow…
      and thank you, again Benoît… for being just there with your questions…
      …and yes, I have the bad ones, but I try to hide them from you… (…sourire radieux…)

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