Silent and sunny

2sombras, retrato e corredorREDUX

The room is quiet, thoughts alone
People its mute tranquility;
The yoke put off, the long task done,
I am, as it is bliss to be,
Still and untroubled. Now, I see,
For the first time, how soft the day…

(Charlotte Brontë, The Brontës – Selected Poems)


20 thoughts on “Silent and sunny

  1. without the slightest movement
    in… the silk of silence
    unbuttoned curtain
    Behind this silence, so great, that this would call , would be a sudden breakage of glass,

    if you watched world, even outside of eyes
    the silence gently rested in inside…

    Beauty day and the sun on your face ( smile a lot)

  2. This is good, really good Kari!!
    And quiet rooms is something we need.
    Great work as usual!

    And wish you a happy weekend dear friend!

    • Thank you so, so much, dear Malin!! Yes, I am in need of that, well we all are – to hear ourselves…

      …and for you too, the best weekend you can!! (…smiling…)

  3. Stunning!

    And your portrait in this piece reminds me at the same time of a great actress or if Vermeer had painted Frida Kahlo.

    Beautiful. The scenes, the shadows and lights, you…

    • Oh, Benoît… I like that image so much… Vermeer meets Frida – and it´s me!! You really make my day… I just love it so much… Thank you, Thank you…(…smiling a lot… really very much…)

  4. You look wonderfully far and away; very beautiful. I love this post very much. It make me think of catholic school when I was seven. I can smell the corridors, and your scent.

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