Mad ones

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“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved.”

(Jack Kerouac, On the Road)


25 thoughts on “Mad ones

      • coincidences are really interesting signs in life.. Sometimes, without to know why, we see these signs… I really believe , they are here to show us that we have to follow our instinct!

  1. wonderful combination!
    Your entry …. image … words….
    born in me more questions

    Are we crazy when we experience something in a very heightened, when shrug our sublime spiritual experience, when we infect to other people inexplicably enthusiasm or energy?
    At that moment, when we can hear and feel more than is averagely man in the street? Yes, it might be seen as shocking, as we are constantly accompanied us a disease of the soul, when we are surrounded by an aura of melancholy or the joy on the face while walking through the city streets, feeling a breath.
    Do lunatic is the one that moves away from the crowd, because has a sense of the uniqueness. Is it any wonder that he was resigning from the “dubious wonders” of the world?
    How wide is the notion in the minds of other – “questionable madness”, which I would call a rather the subtle sensitivity, personal look at the world around us. Why others so eager to acknowledge the primacy to what is the norm?

    Be warned, I’m crazy (I smile a lot)
    Beautiful day for you!
    sun on your face.

    • My dear, I had to read you many times…
      …and then I remembered by heart a quote from Anton Artaud about Van Gogh, he said “Vincent was not mad, he was an extra-lucid!!” – he was not in the norm! I think many of us feels the same, but still we are struggling to be understood and loved as we are… (…smiling…) …creatures with feelings, many… and pain and restlessness…

      …and I think you are the one, mad to talk… I think I am the one mad to be saved… (…smiling a lot)
      A beautiful day for you too!!

      • Kari, you’re right, thank you, very much!
        I read this today:

        “How many million times she had seen her face, and always with the
        same imperceptible contraction! She pursed her lips when she looked in
        the glass. It was to give her face point. That was her self—pointed; dartlike;
        definite. That was her self when some effort, some call on her to be
        her self, drew the parts together, she alone knew how different, how incompatible
        and composed so for the world only into one centre, one diamond” Mrs Dalloway, V. Woolf

  2. He’s not mad…
    Well, he is, but…

    I find my words a little useless in general today.
    Like stuck in a dam

    But I can’t help but say that I like this
    The feeling
    Your eyes

    • …to be mad is an energy, a impulse, a strong one that we didn´t knew we have it inside…
      Have that feeling of the words so many times… to be unarticulated…it will pass, I know…
      Thank you so much, Benoît, for just being there and see…All…

    • …and you are so welcome..sincerely… (…smiling a bit more…)

      Have a good night! (well, here is night…) or day…well you know what I mean… a good one!!

      • Thank you! I will let the words sleep a while… erm… like you should, no? 😉

        It is only the evening here. But, goodnight!

  3. Yes, mad to be saved; sometimes, cannot be saved. I know one.
    Exceptional as always, my dear Kari.

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