…”you know that I will run”…

IMG_2898retq REDUX m

And if I find you
Will you still remember
Playing at trains
Or does this little blue ball
Just fade away
Over silbury hill
Through the solar field
You know that I will follow you
I’m aware what the rules are
But you know that I will run
You know that I will follow you

(Tori Amos, 1000 oceans)


20 thoughts on “…”you know that I will run”…

  1. Memories. Thats the first word that comes up in my mind.
    I feel some kind of emptiness inside… that feeling when missing someone or something.
    Like this image and the text too.

  2. places to meet…hmm…

    “I looked at that face, dumbfounded. The lights of metro stations flew by;
    I didn’t notice them. What can be done, if our sight lacks absolute power to
    devour objects ecstatically, in an instant, leaving nothing more than the void
    of an ideal form, a sign like a hieroglyph simplified from the drawing of an
    animal or bird? A slightly snub nose, a high brow with sleekly brushed-back
    hair, the line of the chin — but why isn’t the power of sight absolute?”

    Brie-Comte-Robert, 1954

    there is some nostalgia in this image, the light …
    image…as always beautiful
    Have a nice day for you (with warm smiling)

  3. It is a very successful photo, a very expressive and evocative. The contrast of the cool blue in the foreground and the warmer reflections of sunlight creates a wonderful tension. This is a place of people, but it is deserted, and this results in a weird mood. The geometry of the image is clear and unambiguous. For me it is clearly a masterpiece!

  4. Reblogged this on The Fountain and commented:
    James Joyce wrote about the everyday, this was his principle. Just as his stories, then this file. It only shows us the everyday, and yet it is full of wonders … and full of stories!

    • Oh, Benoît!! You are gentle and kind with me… Thank you again, I like your comments so very much… keep it coming, please… (…smiling a lot…)

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