Stories of the sea, songs of the land…

combine sea and land 2aa REDUX

“We are surrounded by poetry on all sides…”

(Vincent van Gogh, Letters)


34 thoughts on “Stories of the sea, songs of the land…

  1. Yes we are…

    And as usual… beautiful. Oh, I feel so much longing in these two images… Good work!

    • Oh, Malin!! Thank you, again for your comment… it really warms my heart…yes, longing seems to be the word for me… thank you again, for being a close-reader… (…smiling…)

  2. You see?
    I knew, Karina.
    A poem.

    I took three letters of your name to build a floating word: Ark
    Now, I hops aboard and navigates through your poetic seas that washes also the shores of the accompanying lands.

    And Vincent was often a wise man, from what I gathered from the letters I once read, partially (the book had some missing pages… but in this case, this was almost fitting)


    • Benoît, Benoît… your comments are always so full of heart and you are hilarious!! I like it so much… Thank you, thank you… (…smiling a lot…)

      • Hilarious?

        I was not sure of the meaning of the word, so I looked around:

        Rambunctious, hysterical… pfew!
        I’ll better go with this one: high-spirited fun!
        Or why not: arousing great fun!
        More sweet on my poor mind, anyway!

        Keep taking images! Your eyes sees past the borders of the ordinary.

        (…smiling more than before…)

      • …oh, no, no…you don´t have my dictionary – cheerful, joyful, happy, merry… that´s my meaning…gai, joyeux, heureux, joyeux,…oui?
        …and thank you so, so much, again (…smiling a lot…)

  3. Olá, Kari! Como vai? Seus posts são sempre muito belos, sensíveis e de uma concepção distinta. Ao ver suas imagens em ambiente natural e ao notar e refletir sobre as conexões com o mar e suas estórias (e histórias!), não pude deixar de prontamente me lembrar de trechos das “eddas” poéticas nórdicas antigas, tão belas, fortes e fascinantes!
    Mais uma vez, parabéns!

      • De nada, Kari! Em fato, sinto-me gratificado ao ler e notar a tão bonita emoção em sua resposta… Tudo de bom a você!

  4. “They are incomprehensible, the things of this earth.
    The lure of waters.”

    You’re all by nature
    you close your eyes and dream
    The world will remain

    regards with smiling

  5. Songs of the land are just an echo of the melody of the sea.

    hark, now hear the sailors cry,
    smell the sea, and feel the sky
    let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic.

    Van Morrison – Into the mystic

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