I see (or memories of the lighthouse)

combine lighthouse, Photo: Kari Jeppesen

“Well, we must wait for the future to show”
“It´s almost too dark to see”
“One can hardly tell which is the sea and which is the land”
“Do we leave the light burning?”

(Virginia Woolf, The Waves)


14 thoughts on “I see (or memories of the lighthouse)

    • Thank you so much, James for your comment! Colour is more fragile, in this case, yes, less dramatic, but is very difficult to use it in a good way (I think!)

  1. Love the images, it is like Blade Runner in daylight, beautiful muted colours yet the damage is a reminder of the damage that has occurred

  2. Like the photo. And still more the novel by Virginia Woolf, which is one of my favorite books. (Please, do not be angry because of)

  3. In the darkest moments of our lives our memories are like an abandoned and derelict vessel going adrift in the middle of the storm. Not even the brightest lighthouse can save us.

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