Conversa – Chat


Conversa: consiste em cada um sair de si e derramar-se uns nos outros através dos olhos, da boca e dos ouvidos.(…) a companhia rouba-nos a nós mesmos, a solidão restitui-nos.


4 thoughts on “Conversa – Chat

    • Chat: consists of each of you living yourself and them pour out into each other through the eyes, mouth and ears. (…) The company robs ourselves, loneliness restores us. – a sort of translation that It isn´t where! – I wrote this in my journals… funny that you saw it again…
      Thank you, dear Jack!!

  1. Finally I think I found the right button to press in order to ‘Follow’ you, Karijeppesen! Let me know if this is indeed the case. I have already ‘Shared’ you on Facebook, but did not see your presence there ?

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