As the sea needs to heave

by the sea pbREDUX

…”one has to create a world in which one can live. I could not live in any of the worlds offered to me — the world of my parents, the world of war, the world of politics. I had to create a world of my own, like a climate, a country, an atmosphere in which I could breathe, reign, and recreate myself when destroyed by living. That, I believe, is the reason for every work of art. (…) We also write to heighten our own awareness of life, we write to lure and enchant and console others, we write to serenade our lovers. (…) We write to be able to transcend our life, to reach beyond it. We write to teach ourselves to speak with others, to record the journey into the labyrinth, we write to expand our world, when we feel strangled, constricted, lonely. We write as the birds sing. As the primitive dance their rituals. If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write. Because our culture has no use for any of that. When I don’t write I feel my world shrinking. I feel I am in prison. I feel I lose my fire, my color. It should be a necessity, as the sea needs to heave. I call it breathing.”

(Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 5: 1947-1955)

Little friends

combine little friendsREDUX

“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.”

(Francis Bacon)

– to Alice, Glória and Zani –

Continue walking, continue to see…

combine shadows and aliceREDUX

“Always continue walking a lot and loving nature, for that’s the real way to learn to understand art better and better. Painters understand nature and love it, and teach us to see.”

(Vicent van Gogh, Letters to Theo)

Straight line

horizontal line2REDUX

“And therein lies the whole of man’s plight. Human time does not turn in a circle; it runs ahead in a straight line. That is why man cannot be happy: happiness is the longing for repetition.”

(Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being)

Unspoken – Me and Alice XV

combine me and alice - our gardenredux

“Unspoken feelings are unforgettable.”

(Andrei Tarkovsky)

A confession


“Like a declaration of love: the consciousness of our dependence on each other. A confession. An unconscious act that none the less reflects the true meaning of life – love and sacrifice.”

(Andrei Tarkovsky)

– 8 years have past by, since I post for the first time, and it has been a blissful experience that I have shared with many of you, loyal viewers. I would like to say – Thank you so much, all of you, for still being there, for your support and for all the kind words you left here! (…smiling…) –

Facing the sea

the sea2REDUX

“Back in the room I located some tubes of Nescafe and a small electric pot. I made my own coffee, wrapped myself in a blanket. Opened the sliding doors and sat on the little patio facing the sea. There was a low wall partially obstructing the view, but I had my coffee, could hear the waves and was reasonably content.”

(Patti Smith, Year of the monkey)

I ask the sun (to find you)

self with shadowsredux

“on a dust-covered road I search for your lips.
I bend over and look under each moss-wrapped stone.
coiled into spirals snails sleep in moist shade.
I wake them and ask where is he? they stretch out their drowsyhorns peek from their shells squint at the sun.
and vanish saying nothing. I ask the stone smooth
its rough surface with my warm hungry hand. it’s silent.
I ask the sun. it bends its head to the west and I go after the sun westward to find you.”

(Halina Poswiatowska, on a dust-covered road I search for your lips)

We, the drowned – The lost and found

combine trees and lakeREDUX

“We, the drowned
Hold our hollow hearted ground
‘Til we swallow ourselves down
Again, again
We, the ashes
We spend our days like matches
And burned our ships as black as
The end, the end…”

(Lisa Hannigan, We, the drowned)

4 years of beauty (my smiling child)

combine alice and door2

“Tell me, tell me, smiling child,


Tell me, what is the present hour?
‘A green and flowery spray
Where a young bird sits gathering its power
To mount and fly away.’…”

(Emily Jane Brontë, Past, Present, Future)