1 month of beauty – a portrait of Alice II

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“Birth, life, and death – each took place on the hidden side of a leaf.”

(Toni Morrison)

Continual flowing


“Direct self-observation is not necessarily sufficient for us to know ourselves: we need history, for the past flows on within us in a hundred waves; indeed, we ourselves are nothing but that which at every moment we experience of this continual flowing. Even here, when we want to step down into the flow of what appears to be our ownmost and most personal being, the dictum of Heraclitus is valid: one does not step twice into the same river.”

(Nietzsche, Human All Too Human)

– Four years have past by, since I post for the first time, and it has been a blissful experience that I have shared with many of you, loyal viewers. I would like to say – Thank you so much, all of you!! (…smiling…) –

In the Archive XXXIII – Nudas Veritas IV


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“You come and the time slips away in a dream. It is only when you go that I realize completely your presence. And then it is too late. You numb me.”

(Henry Miller, A Literate Passion: Letters of Anais Nin & Henry Miller)

-from de series Nudas Veritas, 2002, analogue, chromogenic print-

1 week of beauty (or Remember, remember II…) – a portrait of Alice

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“Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it.”

(Sylvia Plath)

1 day of beauty – a double portrait

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…” the day gravity sucked me out of the mother-ship. My mother had been in labour for eight hours, legs apart in the air, like she was skiing through time. I had been drifting through the unmarked months, turning slowly in my weightless world. I was the light that woke me; light very different to the soft silver and night-red I knew. The light called me out – I remember it as a cry, though you will say that was mine, and perhaps it was, because a baby knows no separation between itself and life. The light was life. And what light is to plants and rivers and animals and seasons and the turning earth, the light was to me…”

(Jeanette Winterson, Lighthousekeeping)

– For Alice and Fernando –

 Thank you, r.t.j.m.

39 weeks (The Annunciation)

annunciation REDUX

“There is just one life for each of us: our own.”


combine light 5

37 weeks and 5 days (after Lotte Reiniger and the Fairy Tale films)

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…«See, now it is your turn! says the grandmother, the old dowager queen. “Come now, let me adorn you just like your sisters”. And she put a wreath of white lilies on her hair. But each flower petal was half a pearl. And the old queen had eight oysters squeeze themselves tightly to the princess´tail to who her hight rank.
“It hurts so much!” said the little mermaid,
“Yes, you must suffer a bit to look pretty!” said the old queen.
Oh, how happy she would have been to shake off all this magnificence, to take off the heavy wreath…»

(Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid)


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