Existence II

existence2 redux

…”We actors are constantly searching
or comedy
if you really think about tragedy
with a clear head
you can see at heart it’s really comedy
and vice versa…”

(Thomas Bernhard, Minetti)


1 year and a half of beauty (in my hands) – Me and Alice IX

combine alice and me more3REDUX

“We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows.”

(Robert Frost)

Sound of my smile – Me and Alice VIII

combine alice and meREDUX2

…”can you hear it now?
the sound of my smile breaking
and lighting me up.”

(Tyler Knott Gregson)

– Warm Wishes for a Creative and Beautiful New Year. It is truly, my desire for all of you!
…And thank you so much, for your support and for all the kind words you left here! –


life retqredux

…”Life is a farce which the intelligentsia call existence”…

(Thomas Bernhard, Minetti)

– Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Seasons.
Thank you so much for still being here! –


Silent and sunny IV

combine all lightREDUX

“I like my human experience served up with a little silence and restraint.
Silence makes experience go further and, when it does die, gives it that dignity common to a thing one had touched and not ravished.”

(Djuna Barnes)



anigif all

all the women.
in me.
are tired.

(Nayyirah Waheed)

From that moment

combine all2REDUX2

“From that moment, I lost.
My distaste for life and my desire to not be there.
From that moment, I know I’m on, henceforth, always would most like to be alone, without me or someone having to tie up something, because I do not see how my love and the beauty that I cherish to be destroyed or damaged. “

(Jeroen Brouwers, Chronicle of a character)